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  1. hey I live in ny with Altice usa cable system all channels and movie channels also comes with dvr recording and i can add a user id  and password to access tv network online for ondemand play list.  Using a slingbox 500 also have a slingbox pro hd.

    I am looking for German tv channels linluding sports service 

    thank you



  2. Hello,

      I am looking to exchange my NY Base Slingbox 500 for a German SKY TV service With dvr recording.

    Include all channels: https://www.optimum.net/cdn/static.tvlistings.optimum.net/ool/static/prod/documents/channel-listings/channel-lineup-IslipWoodbury.pdf

    HD service with 15 channels DVR recording




    Internet Speed:  download: 200mbps  / upload: 35mbps

    using slingbox 500 hd and is plugged in directly with an Ethernet connection


    I am looking for German TV with HD service local channels and SKY channels

    With DVR recording capability since I am 6 hr behind I would need to record morning shows


    Anybody interested please let me know.


  3. I am looking to exchange my NY tv service for german tv service.

    IM looking for a german tv that has regular channels and movie channels pref in hd and also sky channels.

    I need dvr recording, to record my show's since new york is 6 hrs behind. Im looking for someone with at leas 5mbps upload.

    This is what i have. Slingbox pro hd with a HD cable box with dvr recording. Internet speed download 50mbps/ upload 8mbps

    I have all channels in hd, video on demand channels and recording capabiltiy. also i can create an online user id to schedule or erase

    any recording. So you would not have to connect and record- you can check the online tv guide and record from the website.

    if anybody is interested please reply back, my slingbox is set up ready to go. Here is the updated tv channel list