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  1. Where are you?? Are you alive ?? :D

  2. Interested.  Unable to send you message.  

    Please email me on

  3. A Slingbox will only allow one streaming connection at a time. If someone is connected to it, no one else can connect to it untill they are done. A Slingbox will work worldwide provided you have internet connection. It does not care where you are. Somine from the US could watch yours, and you can watch one based in the US.
  4. Hello, I have not one...but TWO Slingboxes sitting idle on my network that I would like to exchange for access to a UK Slingbox...preferably on Sky. The service is FiOS, the TV package is the biggest one they offer with the addition of Starz and ZZZ (every other premium movie channel is already included in UltimateHD). The internet is a rock solid 75mbps and the internal network is an all wired gigbit setup. No streaming my boxes over wifi. One is a 350 hooked up to HD, the other is an older Solo; but its connected to a HD box. There is a whole-house DVR that you're welcome to watch and record stuff on. You'll also get access to whatever VOD is included. I supposedly get most, if not all the sports channels; though I may need to activate them for you. However, the boxes are technically shared..both the Slingboxes and the set top boxes. The Solo itself gets almost no use, while I use the physical set top box on the 350 located in my bedroom. Don't worry...this only occures for a brief period at around midnight EST, the other 22 hours of the day are wide open. I'm looking for a HD box in the UK, preferably on Sky, but I'm not very picky. Don't need movies or sports, just the general entertainment stuff I got hooked on two years ago. Please note: I am not looking for limited HD boxes.
  5. A class-action lawsuit has been filed against SlingMedia over the illegal use of forced advertisements on all platforms that exclude paid for applications. This constitutes a bait-and-switch as users are basically being charged large amounts of money for hardware as well as monetizing video streams they do not have the rights to. Aereo was shut down basically over monetizing streams it was ruled they didn't have access too. Apparently they've decided the ruling didn't apply to them at all.
  6. If you're going to share your Slingbox, don't let this happen to the person: After months of never being able to view this person's Slingbox I cut their access off only to find a begging sharer offering to fix the access problems and return to our old deal. Since this was a really good looking ProHD with Sky+HD actually working in HD (ALL THE CHANNELS), I was a nice guy, gave a second chance. Second chances are over. They've got 48 hours to fix it before I pull their access on my end. So here's the basic run down: I've got a Slingbox Solo and 350 both hooked up to Verizon FiOS. I've got the nice large Ultimate HD package with all premium movie channels and sports package (doesn't include the pay-per-view sports packages). Both boxes are hooked up to HD boxes outputting 1080i, so you can watch HD programming even on the Solo. Both boxes are mostly dedicated, but are located on physical TV's which occasionally get use. The current internet speed runs about 91mbps upload; which would mean your streaming should be stunning HD if you're on the 350, and about the best SD you can get from the Solo. You'll also get access to the "whole-house DVR"; so you can watch stuff I've recorded or record your own stuff for later viewing. Also included is the somewhat decent selection of free on-demand content from the channels we subscribe to; which includes a huge library of movies when you add up ZZZ, Cinemax, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Starz-Encore, and Epix. If you're a fan of American Football; I've also got NFL RedZone channel (which I access on the HD Slingbox during the season). I do not give out logins for online-viewing services that come with my FiOS. This is only for Slingbox. However, I'm not exactly picky in what I want; as much as I want something equal to what I'm sharing. So let me be specific so I don't have to answer a bunch of share requests that are, at times, insulting to me. I'm looking to share for access to a Sky+HD box that's actually in HD. If "some HD channels don't work", then in my book, none of them work. I am not trading a service that has "some HD channels that don't work". This is the main one, as I had loads of offers for Sky hardware; but all lacked High Definition. I don't care about the SkyMovie channels or even sports. I'm more worried about the general entertainment channels. If HD on Sky Movies don't work, that's fine..I don't care about those. If you don't subscribe to them; I don't care about those. I've got plenty of ways to watch movies. DVR is not a deal-breaker; but it'd be great to have and would make it easier for me to watch stuff that's on when I'm asleep/not at I could shift my viewing to times when you're not watching if it's not a dedicated unit. Dedicated FreeSAT in HD would trump most other things; as at this'd be better than nothing. I know people say "you seem a little too picky"...I just believe in some form of fairness. If I'm offering full access to two slingboxes on my network that are "full HD" and work without a hitch; I should be able to find a Sky+HD rig of the same quality. I know they exist....I had access to one till all this lovely view-only password crap kicked in.
  7. Slight misrepresentation. Verizon is not sending any actual 1080p content to subscribers, it's all 480i, 720p, or 1080i.
  8. Slight misrepresentation. Verizon is not sending any actual 1080p content to subscribers, it's all 480i, 720p, or 1080i.
  9. Slight misrepresentation. Verizon is not sending any actual 1080p content to subscribers, it's all 480i, 720p, or 1080i.
  10. I've tried to take this up with the guy who advertises it; so I'm leaving this here for those that read it. I've noticed many people are advertising Fios Quantum VMS as "1080p"; which I will stand up and shout is false and misleading. Here's why. Yes, the Quantum hardware does in fact have 1080p video output. But you know what else has 1080p output? My Onkyo HTR when it's playing Laserdiscs? Does that mean my Laseridscs are 1080p? No, of course not. The simple fact is; there's no providers uplinking content in anything more than 1080i; some even use 720p. None. Go look on Wiki at most of the major cable channels; they're all offering 1080i or 720p feeds. No one is pumping out 1080p yet. Saying Quantum VMS is 1080p is like saying a car that won't run gets great gas milage. It may be true, but it's the result of twisting facts. Be forewarned of anyone offering FiOS Quantum and claiming it's 1080p. Source content will still only be 1080i, 720p, or 480i; all the box is doing is converting it to 1080.
  11. Sling actually used to make such a device, a SlingCatcher. But they no longer support it. As to why they do things the way they do; it boils down to money or copyright. They want to charge for "premium" viewing that's not on a computer; which in my book is fair, we buy a piece of hardware from them once and they provide the backbone services that keep it running (which is also the technologies downfall). I'm pretty sure the other issue is a "CYA" copyright issue. If they allowed *everything* to stream to a TV; there's some likelihood they would get more lawsuits than they already do. You have to remember, TV networks and content providers actually hate the concept of Slingbox, and they've been trying for *years* to get an injunction filed and get the technology banned. Luckly, the courts are on to that tactic and currently do see where the current setup is breaking any laws. As far as the cheapest option? That sadly is a second dedicated laptop. If you buy a device, you have to use the mobile app with it. I suppose you could get yourself a cheap $60 android TV stick; but then you'd have to buy the mobile app on top...which doesn't offer true HD on anything lower than a Slingbox 350. The second laptop idea gives you better picture quality while supporting HD on ProHD units...should you have one. My UK share is a ProHD box. I actually don't even use a second laptop most of the time. Mine sits on a desk where it's connected to a TV with a long HDMI cable and I run Slingbox on the "second monitor" output.
  12. Ok. Deal is closed. Previous sharer reappeared; so I'll give them another shot.
  13. You want to trade me a SkyUK setup with no DVR and some broken HD channels for my FiOS setup with access to two slingobxes to double your chance of viewing,a DVR and a fully working HD channels. The HD is the deal-breaker. I'm not saying no; but you're at the bottom of a list of possible shares.
  14. The number of boxes and stuff I'll give you. You seem to be the one person I know who's capable of having both UVerse and FiOS in a work/home kind of arrangement. I did not think the two markets were anywhere close to each other for that. But while the VMS system may be outputting 1080p; that doesn't mean that's what Verizon is actually getting. Content providers aren't uplinking more than 1080i or 720p. You might get On Demand stuff that's in 1080p. But, all live programming originates in 720p or 1080i and is output by 1080p. It's kind of like how just because my TV says my Laserdiscs are 1080p doesn't mean they're anything close to 1080p; that's just the format the scaler is sending to the TV.
  15. Internet speed is now 75mbps symmetrical. Still looking.