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  1. I have a foxtel go id swap for a directv account
  2. never seen anyone offer this before but no one here wouldnt happen to use tvheadend that has us local channels with a good upload speed? wouldnt mind using it with kodi if anyone has it to offer, i have australian local channels but no good upload speed for atleast 5 months
  3. How much you chasing for either virgin or sky? After bt sport
  4. Still after bt sport, i want a login that'll work with the bt sport app on android.
  5. Hi im after bt sport if someone can inbox if they have any available thanks
  6. Yupp pm'd you
  7. i have foxtel go availabe if anyone wants it for monthly service
  8. Ill be able to share next year lol
  9. What question do you need help on?
  10. You could buy a wd live device which i think has a sling app on it or if you have a iphone or ipad, android you could also get a roku which can also be used