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  1. It is on optimum but it is a premium channel
  2. You can email me at
  3. Hello, I have Optimum cable service in NY. I can set you up with a DVR box and if you like, Premium channels such as ZZZ, Starz, Encore etc. This is your own private box, not shared with anyone. I have a 50mbps up and down internet speed. I ask for $60 a month for regular cable with the DVR box and an extra $20 to upgrade to the premium channels, this is negotiable. Thank you for your time. -Zach
  4. Hello, I am looking for a NYC box for around $40 a month (Price negotiable). I would like it to be exclusive to me so no sharing with other people and would require it to be in at least 720p HD. Thanks. -Zach