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  1. Hi, I’d like to rent if anyone have it , Rogers Canada anyplace tv. So I can watch on iPad. Please pm me or leave a message. Thank you , Jr
  2. Hi guys Does anyone have a Now TV Login with full sports and other packages. Or can anyone sign up to me? I can pay via PayPal. Thanks, Junior.
  3. Hi, Id like to rent Canadian Box for a good price please. It can be Bell/Shaw or Telus... Its for long term rent. But cant afford expensives ones. Please PM me or send me email at esiokw @ Thank you and hoping to find someone that can help me with this. Cheers JotaR
  4. sent you PM, thanks
  5. Hi Id like to rent Sky HD with all sports channels. Long term rent Please pm me or e-mail at Thank you Jr.
  6. Hi, id like more details and prices. Im most interested on soccer channels. Please mail me at im interested in long term rent. thanks Jr
  7. Hi, Id like to rent a box with all channels from Rogers. The best package with sports premium like nfl, nhl... And also movies channels. with good upload speeds. thank you!
  8. Hi, id like to rent slingbox from Florida area. Email me at esiokw gmaildotcom or pm me. I also need good upload speeds. Thank you.
  9. Hi, Im looking to rent a Japanese slingbox It can bem skyperfect or other ones that have a good streaming quality Im learning the language and need this to improve my skills Hope you can help, Thanks for the attention Best regards Esio
  10. Hi guys, im new here. Today i have nimble tv that works nice with Roku But i always wish to have Florida locals channels. So if you have please send me a PM We can negotiate. Id like premium package with HD channels. Thank you for your attention Best regards, Jr