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  1. Hey Pete can you get Foxtel arts on Foxtel go ? If not via on demand can you watch the documentary “ the day the rock star died “ would be keen for a login in it does.
  2. Do u still have log ins available ? i want to get this for a specific program on Foxtel Arts ( the day the music died ) is this available for on demand ?
  3. Hi Everyone I purchased a yearly subscription to US cable from someone on here but I find I have to keep on activating apple tv apps every few days or weeks I'm assuming because maybe I'm multisharing and someone is catching on ???? So I'm after activations for apple tv that will hold, what have you got ???? I have the following apps FXNOW ZZZ GO ABC CBS NBC ABC ABC Family HISTORY Comedy Central HGTV Lifetime MTV NICK USA Now Nat Geo TV A&E Disney Jnr, X and Channel Travel Channel Qello Would be great to have access to any other apps that may pop up in the future too. Cheers Glenn PS: my brother is looking for the same as well.
  4. Not into sports so I don't really need any premium sports channels must have ZZZ, Movie channels and on demand if thats possible ( sorry don't know enough about this yet ) plus networks