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  1. Are you still looking as I have a slot free
  2. I have a new slot available if anyone is interested
  3. slot is still available, demo available
  4. You need to clear your inbox as its not accepting any messages
  5. Fully dedicated DVR connected to a slingbox 350 with a 20mb upload for rent. PM for details Full Sky HD UK Package plus BT Sports in HD This is the last slot now
  6. Hi Azza please contact me i am interested about your sky box

  7. I've got one slot left if anyone is interested send me a PM
  8. I interesting for exchange  what I you looking for ? 

    email me I what to testing you system on the weekend if this will be possible?

  9. This is a dedicated Sky HD DVR connected to a slingbox 350 and streams in HD. It is connected to its own line with a 17mb upload. PM me if you're interested
  10. I'm new to the site but I have a dedicated Sky+HD box up for rent. It's connected to a 20mb upload and streams in HD. PM if you're interested