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  1. I'm also interested to rent a dedicated Sky HD receiver with DVR + local channels + HB0's, Cinemax and Fox+ channels attached to a Slingbox 350 or 500. If anyoneyou can offer this kind of service please don't hesitate to contact me to my email: since I'll rent it right away! Regards, ANGEL.
  2. If by any reason you're interested on rent your Sky HD receiver please send me an email to: since I'm interested on rent (not share) a dedicated Sky HD receiver with DVR. ANGEL.
  3. I'm interested on rent your service. I sent you a message on your facebook page but in case you didn't see it, please send me info to my email: Regards, ANGEL BOLANOS.
  4. I'd get the M2 since it's the most recent Slingbox model and it's cheaper than the 500 one and M2 has almost all the functions than 500 one has as well. I'll leave the official Slingbox link so you can compare both models and check it yourself:
  5. Hey guys! I'm interested on rent a slingbox premium account that it's connected to Fios TV and includes: - Fios TV Ultimate HD package. - Boston local channels to watch Patriots & Red Sox games. - Spanish package. - Fox Sports Plus package. - DVR with at least 100+ of storage to record. If anyone of you have this kind of account please contact me to my e-mail: for price and demo info.