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  1. I sorry for the later replay, you can e-mail me at: infromatica@gmail.com

  2. I have European TV Slingbox if you're also looking for EU Channels (It does Includes Spanish, British and French TV e.g, lot of channel with Secondary English Audio !)
  3. Can you find me channels from New York City then? thanks


    email me at fernp_nguy@hotmail.com

  4. Hi, i'm interested about having Portuguese TV to watch around 1hr/week approx. (because i couldn't receive them with my satellite setup at home).

    I can arrange with some friends for USA TV (but it is East Coast and not West Coast). If you're interested feel free to give a message :)

  5. Hello, i'm interested about the Portuguese Package as i'm a TV Enthusiastic and this is the only country i do not receive with my setup at home (i live in Belgium, i have motorized dish but it can't go throught 30°W, very hard to receive without cutting of Sky UK or eastern feeds) I'm not gonna use it a lot therefore i'm not into a dedicaced box in order to reduce fare. How much are you offering for the service? Thanks you in advance. (Can't give Email address for privacy concerns, feel free to PM me as i can't PM you )
  6. Interested, PM sent.
  7. Hello, i'm looking for someone willing to share a Slingbox based in Japan with at least Terrestrial (from any prefecture) and "BS" Channels (I don't look particulary for CS/Sky) Please contact me for more infos (I do have Belgian Cable TV, French Satellite (Canalsat) is planned for February 2015, other European provider (Official) by requests)
  8. I could get you Sky UK, PM me for more info.
  9. Interested too for your offer, i need again a French Setup with a good speed (at least 1,5 mbps) for short term usage. I can get you US Digital Cable with ton of channels (Miami)
  10. I can't post you any PM... Did you disabled it?
  11. I've noticed that 90% of new topics are about Webservices On Demand (not placeshifting) or about pay offer (request or offer). This is only for Slingbox Sharing, anything else in theses forums in the future will be topic removal + warning. For Paid offers (about Slingbox only), just write in the good section ! Regards.
  12. 4-5 Mbps speed is good, you will have a very nice picture quality.
  13. The User is now banned. Sorry for the delay.
  14. Last Reminder : Exchange forums are only for SHARING while Hosting is for paid, the following topics which doesn't respect this simple rule will be removed and the user warned.