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  1. Hello, if you have a Foxtel slingbox in Australia and want to make good money renting it out please PM me. Long-term oriented. Reliable payments.
  2. Ok, I´ll do that. Thanks!
  3. Sorry, you can´t receive PMs. PLease clear your inbox and I´ll try it again later. Thank you.
  4. I´m going to send you a PM now. Please look and reply. And maybe I can do something for you as well if you need help.
  5. Are you sure it´s gmail? Because I found his hotmail account on another forum. Please let me know. And thank you sooo soo much.
  6. Hey, I´ve found this email in another forum. Have you rented from him? I hope he´ll get in touch with me soon. Thanks for your help!
  7. Looking for a long-term rental of a Foxtel slingbox setup. Preferably Ultimate package with DVR. Must have good upload. I´m in Germany, reliable, long-term-oriented, on-time payer. Please PM or email me at Thanks!