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  1. Hello kaolin are you interrested for exchange germa n câble for swiss câble? With swiss german tv?

  2. still there? are you still offering german tv? email me bakc please. icp@email.com

  3. Hi there, got German TV and Sky PayTV for you to share if you are interested. Karolin
  4. Hi there, I think I have written to you already. Do you still want to share? Karolin
  5. I can offer German cable TV in exchange.
  6. Hi there, got my slingbox on German TV, cable and Sky (PayTV). Would like to exchange it for US oder UK TV. Please contact me. Karolin
  7. Hi there, got German TV for sharing. Karolin
  8. Hi there, got German TV. Would be interested in US TV. Please DM me. Karolin