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  1. I can offer UK tv Freeview in exchange of Brazilian TV
  2. I will exchange my Japanese TV (Digital) for Italian Sky TV service.
  3. I would like to share Japanese Tv ( from me) with Italian Sky (from you). Thanks e Grazie
  4. My Japanese Slingbox is waiting for you! Are you still interested or not?
  5. I am waiting for a positive reply! I have japanese TV for you
  6. Hi, I am interested but do you own a Slingbox Classic? And the package is a full SKY UK? I would like to try it. I can share my sling box classic to you too. I am in Japan Please contact me if you are interested Paolo
  7. Hi, are you just located in Italy or are you an italian too? I am italian. Anyway sorry, but for the moment I found some else to share