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  1. Hello,I´m looking for a Rogers slingbox. It should have the largest package, a good upload speed and should be dedicated with recording facilities. Shared DVR wouldn´t be a problem. Reliable customer, long-term oriented, references available. Please PM here and I will get back to you.
  2. Hello Sir, I´ve tried to send you a PM but your inbox seems to be full. I could get you an exclusive Directv access in exchange for your setup. Or have you already got Directv? As I understand you have 2 Sky setups but you´ll hardly need 2 Directv slingboxes. How much would you charge me if I wanted the Sky setup without trading Directv? Thanks.
  3. Hello to all! I´m a new member to this forum and have been referred by a user on a German board for digital television. I want to share my wishes with you: I´m looking for a slingbox rental preferrably in NYC, upstate NY or the East Coast in general (only regions with EST due to the time difference to Germany). What I need is a Directv Premier Package with PVR recording option (that´s a must). I would also want to have the chance of ordering PPV events (just 2-3 times a year for the major boxing events). Additionally I would want the possibility to book extra channels with your help, in particular things like Fox Soccer Plus (a standalone channel for football outside the regular packages). I´m very aware that good quality has its price so that won´t scare me off and I´m ready to pay good money as long as the service and quality correspond to the amount of money I´m supposed to pay. Please feel free to reply within this thread or send me a personal message with your pricing and further conditions. Oh, one more thing: I´m not a cheater or sucker looking for free American TV but please give me at least 1 or 2 hours of trial prior to making my final decision and to get a first impression of the quality. In Germany we say something like " Don´t buy a pig in a poke." I´m sure you would ask me for the same favor if our parts were switched. As a payment option I can suggest using Paypal which is safe, fast and reliable. If possible there shouldn´t be any start-up fees or just very small ones. Have a great time on the forum and I wish you only have satisfied customers who treat you with respect. Thanks in advance for your messages. Heidrun