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  1. Hello, I looked through this forum (as well as the one on Slingbox) and didn't see anything on this, so if there is a previous thread, I'll be happy to review it. I'm new to the Slingbox world and got a 350. Everything is working fine on PC but when I went to download the app I saw it was $14.99. So assuming there is no way around buying the app....I have both a Smartphone and a tablet that I would like to use it with. I'd like to buy either Slingplayer for Phones or Slingplayer for Tablets, but not both. So, can I use SP Phone on a tablet or SP Tablet on a phone? I'm assuming if I use Google Play I only need to purchase the app once to use on multiple android devices (I have a old phone I'd like to use it on too)? I appreciate any guidance you may be able to provide!