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  1. Hello,

    Did you find a remote in the Sling directory for the Mag box?


    Thanks very much


  2. Interested in long term rental?
  3. Sorry for the problem with receiving PM. You can email me on
  4. Yes positive its gmail. You're very welcome.
  5. Yes he's great. I rented for a while but had to discontinue due to some financial difficulty.
  7. I can provide you full dishtv India. Let me know if you're interested. Email me on:
  8. Email me please on, so I can have your email address and discuss with you for possible rental long term.


    Thanks very much



  9. Please email me on 

    Want to know how much would it cost if I offer to rent from you very long term and pay you regularly on a 3 month basis.






  10. Which city or region?

  11. What channels are included exactly please?
  12. Interested in your Optimum box.

    Email me on


  13. Where are you?? Are you alive ?? :D

  14. Interested. Unable to send you a message. Email me on
  15. Interested.  Unable to send you message.  

    Please email me on