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  1. M2 or M1 doesnt have guest account options. Would rather buy 350 with hdmi converter.
  2. Hi there, Im able to offer a slingbox with pretty much all channels from Amazonas 61w which covers Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Equador and Colombia. Otherwise I can offer channels from Chilean VTR Cable operator DVR or Chilean Directv Willing to exchange with European slingboxes (specially Italy or Germany with SKY) or a contribution to be paid by paypal. Let me know by email if you are interested:
  3. Hi Harry, would be interested in exchange your Sky Sports for Directv Sports in South America? They broadcast all the English premier league games (including 3pm kick-offs). Email me at geeipadvpn at
  4. I can offer you Brazilian or South American channels. Email me geeipadvpn at to coordinate if you are interested.
  5. Hi there, Im interested. Which country are you after?
  6. Hi there, I can offer you a slingbox with South American Directv which broadcast all the 3pm games. Let me know if you are interested. email me at geeipadvpn at
  7. email me geeipadvpn at to cordinate the exchange.
  8. Are u still interested in exchange ? Have full package in Brazil
  9. Would do you like to exchange with south america satellites ?