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  1. I've got a Slingbox available for exchange (also for IPTV) or rent. The Slingbox is connected to a Dreambox 500HD. This can be configured to receive a selection from the following satellites: 42E (Turkish), 39E (Bulgarian), 23E (Czech, Slovak, Dutch), 19E (Spanish, German), 13E (Italian, Polish), 1W (Hungarian, Romanian, Nordic), 5W (French), 30W (Portuguese, Spanish) and other ones with access to more channels (Russian, Arabic). In case you'd offer exchange, please note that I'm not interested in any Slingbox/IPTV offers from USA, Canada or Europe and if it's IPTV, then it must be a service which is available on a Roku or Apple TV.
  2. Hi, my Slingbox Pro HD with Vu+Solo Enigma2 box is again available. If interested, let me know what channels you're looking for and what can you offer in exchange. Thanks
  3. Hey, my Slingbox 350 is now set up with Coolstream Trinity HD receiver, with DVR functions and web interface for remote access, ready to be loaded with various channels from Europe, including UK, Germany, France, Poland and many many others. Anyone interested in exchanging such setup, let me know. Please note I'm not interested in USA and Canada exchanges. Thanks
  4. I could set you up with that. Just PM me if still looking.
  5. I don't really know... some interesting TV channels that are not broadcast in Europe.
  6. Available is an Slingbox, either Solo or Pro HD with channel lineup from various European countries - please ask for a package/country and I will see what I can get for you. In exchange, I'm looking for similar Slingbox setup with interesting channels on it, preferably in English or Spanish - no USA or Canada, I have those covered already. Thanks
  7. Hello, I'm looking for someone to trade Slingboxes with. I offer a Slingbox Pro HD with an HD receiver and multiple satellites connections. Channels, including some in HD, from many European countries are available. Based on what you're after, I can get you channels from Germany, France, Spain, UK (no HD & premiums), Italy (no HD), Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and some other countries. In exchange, I'm looking for an HD Slingbox in either US, Australia or any other interesting region which is not normally receivable in Europe. Not interested in Canada, already have one exchange there. I'm the Slingbox owner, I exchange my Slingbox with only one person, I don't give your Slingbox details to anyone else and I request the same from you. If you're interested, I'm ready.
  8. yeah, very annoying to be harassed by people in chat every single time I visit this site asking what am I looking for. This is Slingsharing.com and should be for Slingbox exchange, which is what I'm looking for. Thank you for separating the ZZZ accounts from regular Sling forums.
  9. No replies so far so now I am able to do HD exchange as well. That means HD Slingbox and HD box, including PVR. Trade only and only with Slingbox owner, not a 3rd party sling.
  10. hello, I'd like to exchange my Solo with UK channels (freesat) for an US slingbox with basic cable. I can get German basic channels instead, if desired. At this moment I offer only SD on Slingbox Solo. pm if interested thanks
  11. As you might have noticed in another topic, I got into a situation where I must find someone to rent one of my Slingboxes - a box which was rented since the beginning but the person who was renting it decided not to continue. Therefore I can't offer free Slingbox access like I did here, it would be contraproductive. Thanks for understanding.
  12. The password is now on request only. Please PM me with your request for the new password. You must include your location with the request so that I know from where you are connecting. Thanks!
  13. new password: 2013
  14. New password: xmas