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  1. Why does Sling or someone else not make a "Sling Receiver"? I have a new Slingbox M1 connected to a dedicated DirecTV receiver at my son's house. I want to watch it at my house over the net on my HD tv. Works great, but... How crazy is it to have to dedicate a PC, Mac, or an iPad/Apple TV combi to stream to the tv? Why does Sling not license the content to Sony and let me watch thru my Blu-Ray player like I do with Netflix? Or thru my Apple TV in the same way? Or even thru a "$49 Sling Receiver" that looks like an Apple TV and just receives SlingPlayer over the network? While watching tv I want to use my PC for PC stuff, my iPad for Facebook and email, my phone as a phone. Has anyone else figured out the least expensive dedicated device to use on the watched tv end of this thing?