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  1. Looking for a Foxtel slingbox rental, including channels 500 to 509 (sports) Hoopharry@aol.com
  2. Looking for Fox Sports Australia, Channels 500 to 509. Sling Rental or IPTV service. No exchange possible. Offers to: Hoopharry@aol.com
  3. I am looking for a Slingbox rental or IPTV service, that offers DirecTV channels 600 to 799 (sports package). No exchange... Offers to: Hoopharry@aol.com
  4. Anybody have a Slingbox rental with a box that runs on Fire TV and includes a dish multi sports pack or something comparable to this? Please send me channel line up of all available sports channels and rental prizes: Hoopharry@aol.com
  5. Looking for a slingbox, including as many sports channels as possible (ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, CSN; NBA Sports, Fox Regionals: Ohio, Wisconsin, Arizona, North etc.) and Basketball all access packages (NBA, Full Court College package) if possible. Box should be running on a Fire TV. Have no box the exchange, but would pay good money for good sports channels... Hoopharry@aol.com
  6. I am looking for a slingbox package running on Fire TV that gives me as much US and australian sports (Basketball, Football, Baseball, Aussie Rules) as possible. Including Fox regional channels (Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida etc.) and possibly League All Access (Fox Soccer, NBA, NFL, College Basketball). Dont havbe a german box to share so far, but would be paying a lot of money for a real good sports package slingbox rental. Offers (channel lists) and possible tryouts to: Hoopharry@aol.com Thank you community...