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  1. cable

    I'm not only the US Cable and satellite , are you interested in the world of television Do not share If you are interested in Japan of cable TV ? If you would like to share , please e-mail to " yasutaka0613@gmail.com " . Line speed of the Internet is very fast . http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5365025957
  2. Hello All, I live in Tokyo. I have it Slingbox350 or Slingbox m1 with fiber network connected Upload speed 700Mbps Tokyo japan cable tv premium channels I'm looking for someone to share a channel of US cable TV or satellite TV. Short try demo My email is yasutaka0613@gmail.com
  3. Hello I live in Tokyo. provide a list of compatible HD recorders 「Slingbox公式 | 対応機器一覧」 The probably will do the installation site has been determined of Slingbox500 in Japan ?