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  1. Hi folks, I'm looking for some sales partners that can provide me with free access to streaming TV accounts, such as DirecTV Now, Sling TV, Hulu TV, and PlayStation Vue among others. The reason is because my Slingbox Hosting business is declining, and I'm trying to see if I can make money by selling these to other customers. Thanks! Scott
  2. The new Slingbox has been installed and I'm now ready to exchange for a box from any of the cities of interest mentioned.
  3. I'm currently looking for a temporary swap of one of my DirecTV boxes in exchange for a box from one of the following cities with an upload speed of 20mb or higher (no less than that please). New York Los Angeles Pittsburgh Washington, D.C. Chicago Baltimore PM me with any offers. Thanks!
  4. Still available. Also, I recently bought a Slingbox 350 which will be coming in about a week or so. Therefore, I'll be able to exchange with that Slingbox on a permanent basis.
  5. This offer is no longer available. UPDATE 12/11/2017: I apologize for the error regarding this post. The offer is actually still available.
  6. I think you told me before that your Slingbox is an older model. I'm more interested in a 350, 500, or M2 setup because they provide better quality.
  7. Since my options are currently limited, I'm looking for anyone that has access to Chicago Bulls games either in Chicago or other parts of Illinois or by way of NBA League Pass (DirecTV is preferred, though I'll accept any provider). I can either rent or exchange for my DirecTV service with NFL Sunday Ticket Max. I currently subscribe to the Premier package with most premium channels included. Speed must be 10mb or higher and I also prefer an HD box hooked up to a Slingbox 350, 500, M1, or M2. Thanks!
  8. I would like to exchange one of my DirecTV Slingboxes from Harrisburg, PA with the Premier package on a temporary basis. I would be interested in a Pittsburgh box, either Comcast or FiOS. Speeds must be 20mb or higher. Message me if you're interested. Thanks!
  9. Still available. Also, I just ordered the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight in HD for this Sunday (8/27/2017). 1-day access to the box and a payment towards the fight are optional.
  10. I currently have a Slingbox 350 with DirecTV service plus all of the premium channels, Regional and National Sports Networks, as well as Local American Channels. Message me for a free demo.
  11. I currently have a Slingbox 350 with DirecTV service plus all of the premium channels, Regional and National Sports Networks, as well as Local American Channels. Message me for a free demo.
  12. I just lost access to a Chicago Slingbox for the 3rd time in 5 years and I'm looking for long-term access to a Comcast or DirecTV box in the area with upload speeds of 20mb or higher so I can get the remaining Bulls games for the 2015-16 season as well as Chicago locals. Thanks!
  13. Already found one.
  14. Just lost access to another Chicago box for the 2nd time this year and I just lost access to the remaining Bulls games for the 2016-17 season. I really hope someone out there can provide me with a Chicago area Slingbox. Remember, I'm looking for long-term access.
  15. Keep in mind that I'm only looking for either a Slingbox 350 or 500, since they provide better quality. A DirecTV or Xfinity setup from Chicago would be most preferred.
  16. I hope someone out there in Chicago can help me out.
  17. I'm currently looking for a Chicago Slingbox with either Comcast or DirecTV. I'll either rent it or exchange access to my Slingbox with Philadelphia and Harrisburg locals, plus Regional Sports Networks in Philly, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore/Washington (except CSN Mid-Atlantic). The upload speed must be 10 to 20 mb or higher. PM me if you have one available. Thanks!
  18. It has to do with a legal matter involving this forum and the people who own the network over too many users asking for their streaming service. By The Way.....I sent you a PM.
  19. I don't know if this belongs in the Sling General or Sling Support section, but I was trying to view a Slingbox on my Netgear NeoTV Prime and took note that when I click on the SlingPlayer link, it redirects me to their website. So I called Sling Media and I found out that the company cut ties with the manufacturers of the following devices. Sony - Sony Internet Player with Google TV Western Digital - WDTV Live (All devices) Netgear NeoTV (All devices) Now I have to blow $100 just to get a compatible device such as the Roku 3. This really sucks!
  20. I currently have a Slingbox 350 with Comcast's new X1 box on 10mb upload. I also get some Philadelphia channels and Regional Sports Networks from Baltimore/Washington, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Currently looking for a temporary exchange for an HD setup from New York or Washington, D.C. Good upload speed required. If interested, please contact me at, or just send me a PM.
  21. No longer offering an exchange for this setup.
  22. I've been having a problem for quite sometime with 10mb upload speeds (which is what I have), and certain Slingbox models. When I have 10mb upload and if I have somebody either rent or exchange a Slingbox, they'll tell me that the speed is not good enough and the picture keeps freezing. However, I've seen certain reviews from people that have been renting from hosts that have 20mb upload or higher and they say that the speed is better. Has anybody else overseas that has rented a Slingbox with 10mb upload experienced problems? If not, then could it be a problem with my modem or router?
  23. Well right now I have a customer using a PRO-HD setup that I've had for quite sometime and I'm getting a 350 shipped to my house in about a couple of days. I'll just have to see how the 350 goes with my internet connection. If I still experience speed problems, even with the 350, then I guess I'll have to consult with Comcast about getting the speed problem fixed. In other words, it could be issues with my modem. Thanks for the advice!
  24. Hey guys, I'm having problems with the SlingPlayer app on my Netgear NeoTV Prime with Google TV. I can't seem to change channels or anything, and even last night I could not connect to the app at all. Is anyone else with a NeoTV device experiencing this problem?
  25. This is the same person from Afghanistan who has been spamming the Sling General board for years now. I would also like for you guys to contact his ISP about having this moron's Internet Access permanently removed, that way he'll stop spamming. This guy needs to be stopped!!! Thanks! Scott