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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Looking for Foxtel Now(play) account to rent or I can offer any services from Finland(Viaplay,Cmore,ZZZ Nordic,etc) in exchange
  2. hi list, I have a Slingbox pro which works well and have just bought a Slingbox 500. I can't get the remote working with the Foxtel IQ2 . The manufacturer is Pace and the model is TDS851NF I have tried loading the V2010RV bin file, but get an error uploading. Has anyone got this type of setup working? any suggestions? thanks in advance Marc
  3. Offering NYC Verizon Fios Ultimate HD package with premium channels and account access (ZZZ GO, SHO Anytime, etc.) on a 100/100 Mbps fiber connection. The service is paired with a Slingbox 350, which I'm willing to upgrade for the right trade, and comes with a dedicated 1TB Verizon DVR cable box. I'm also willing to offer private VPN access to my media center infrastructure (XBMC or WMC) with over 20TB of archived TV content. I'm looking for either a DStv or Fios equivalent Australian (Foxtel, etc.) subscription. I'm currently involved in another long term trade (5 years) and I'm looking for a similar stable exchange. Bandwidth capacity doesn't need to support HD streaming but it would be nice. Trade only please, not looking to rent or buy services. Please reply to this thread with any and all offers. Thank you!