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  1. I'm interested...i have slingbox 500 with Spectrum TV from New York.

    Please e-mail me



  2. New York Spectrum TV Available-Slingbox 500-Silver Package Tier 1 and 2 lots of Channels from Gold package included in Tier 2. Ask about discount when you pay 3 months in advance.
  3. interested please pm me
  4. i'm interested..pm me please...
  5. I'm interestred in renting Montreal Cable TV ofr acheap price...please let me know and if i can have a demo.

  6. hi, i ma interested in exchanging slingbox for USA Slingbox...

  7. Hi I'm interested in trading for the Canada TV..please let me know...I have Fios TV 75mbps upload speed...

  8. I have NYC high speed upload with Fios TV to excahnge for Chicago TV ...if interested e mail me slingusa@gmail.com
  9. Please e-mail me to exchange at slingusa@gmail.com
  10. please e-mail me to exchange at slingusa@gmail.com
  11. I have Fios TV Very Fast Upload Speed Extreme TV with ZZZ E-mail me slingusa@gmail.com
  12. e-mail me at slingusa@gmail.com if you want to exchange....
  13. I have Fios TV Very Fast Upload Speed Extreme TV with ZZZ
  14. Anyone can e-mail me who wants to trade from the Cities mentioned...senbd me your sling info i'll then send you mine... slingusa@gmail.com