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  1. Hello guys, I´ve rented a slingbox in the USA and use it in Germany. The picture quality is brilliant. The only problem is that after changing channels 5 or more times in a row I would receive a black screen. Then I can reconnect and continue watching. Does anyone know how to fix the issue permanently? Thanks, Martin
  2. NYC

    Hello Sir, I´ve just sent you an e-mail. Martin
  3. Hello to all fellow slingbox enthusiasts, I´m Martin from Germany and new to this board. As a big fan of Australia I´d love to have Australian tv through Foxtel. I´m interested only in a slingbox rental, no logins, please. In particular I´m after the Platinum package. It would be nice if you gave me the chance to order and watch PPV events from time to time. I´d pay the full PPV price plus an extra fee for your efforts to place the orders. I´m interested in a long-term rental. Please submit your offers here in this thread or PM me. Thank you very much in advance. Martin