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FiOS Quantum isn't exactly 1080p...well...maybe..not really.

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I've tried to take this up with the guy who advertises it; so I'm leaving this here for those that read it.


I've noticed many people are advertising Fios Quantum VMS as "1080p"; which I will stand up and shout is false and misleading. Here's why.


Yes, the Quantum hardware does in fact have 1080p video output. But you know what else has 1080p output? My Onkyo HTR when it's playing Laserdiscs? Does that mean my Laseridscs are 1080p?


No, of course not.


The simple fact is; there's no providers uplinking content in anything more than 1080i; some even use 720p. None. Go look on Wiki at most of the major cable channels; they're all offering 1080i or 720p feeds. 


No one is pumping out 1080p yet.



Saying Quantum VMS is 1080p is like saying a car that won't run gets great gas milage. It may be true, but it's the result of twisting facts.


Be forewarned of anyone offering FiOS Quantum and claiming it's 1080p. Source content will still only be 1080i, 720p, or 480i; all the box is doing is converting it to 1080.


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