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    Sling box for rental and much more you can email me at simeon40@hotmail.com or skype and i would say this as long as i could stop changing emails trying to get demo's am over with that now you guys blew that chance of a free demo all demo's have to be paid for If your not serious don't waste both of us time it may be harsh but you give people a chance and they don't care what about actually having something put in place for the abuse of people on here when they try to get service from you for free by changing there names and emails it should only be fair enough just like when people think your rude by posting this and decide to be vindictive anyway i had to post this have a safe 2015 and remember the reason why this site has gotten to this from having alot of ppl to having some it's beacuse some of you guys went too far
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    Sling for rent and much more email me for details at simeon40@hotmail.com Demo available
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    Hi sandra email me at simeon40@hotmail.com if you want I can give you my skype also
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    hey mikes how have you been happy new year to you and your family i got some new stuff i'll inbox you
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    Tod, I can help if you are interested. Email getontv989@gmail.com
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    I'm currently looking for a Chicago Slingbox with either Comcast or DirecTV. I'll either rent it or exchange access to my Slingbox with Philadelphia and Harrisburg locals, plus Regional Sports Networks in Philly, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore/Washington (except CSN Mid-Atlantic). The upload speed must be 10 to 20 mb or higher. PM me if you have one available. Thanks!
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    Sling for rent and much more email me for details at simeon40@hotmail.com Demo available
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    Thank you guys I'm on for a bit
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    Thank you kevin for your sling access looking forward to doing some more business with you
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    I have a Slingbox 350 hosting Shaw Direct Canadian satellite service and would like to trade for Sky UK for a short time (1-2 months). I am in the US but am going through an address broker in Canada for the service. Looking for equivalent package or fairly close to it on Sky UK. Adjusting my packages or ordering PPV for you is not an option as I would have to contact my account broker and they would have to contact Shaw and my broker is very picky about it. Bundles in my package (you can go to Shaw Direct's site to see the channels): English Essentials Movies West Fun Stuff FYI Lifestyle More Movies II (More Movies w/ OUTtv) Prime Time Real Life Smart Stuff
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    I currently have a Slingbox 350 with DirecTV service plus all of the premium channels, Regional and National Sports Networks, as well as Local American Channels. Message me for a free demo.
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    Rental only or open to exchange? I have the Bright-House Networks Premium package, based in Central Florida, USA.
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    Looking for a Dishnetwork subscriber in NY to host or share a Hopper 3 DVR for me. I am willing to pay the cost of the hardware plus a monthly Fee, or exchange for a Slingbox with a broad programming package from Mexico (Cablevision). A high upload speed internet connection is a must. Pm me if interested.
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    Forum Software Upgraded from 4.1.10 --> 4.1.11
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    Tom's Guide Top Services to Stream Data-Free on T-Mobile Tom's Guide Slingbox. Many of the providers participating in Binge On are letting you stream their content. Slingbox is a little bit different, as it's allowing you to watc programming from your cable box when you're out and about. and more » View the full article
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    Hello Sling Fans! There are a couple spots open for dedicated HD Slingboxes on independent HD or HD PVR receivers subscribed to the largest available Canadian HD Satellite package with the most Canadian and US HD national and local channels (Sports, News, Lifestyle, Superstations, etc), plus added HD Premium Movies, Adult/XXX channels, and the HD Hockey Season Sports package (watch all hockey games this 2015-2016 season)! Prices start at only $110 USD/month. No contract necessary. Dedicated, reliable, fast upload speeds (beyond HD Streaming quality). Customizable optional add-ons, even all French Canadian channels available. 24-hour trials are available for a $10 deposit, which is discounted off your first month. For more information, or to start a trial, please email at: robnewfield@gmail.com
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    I can help you out, Email getontv989@gmail.com
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    The News Journal Newark startup may be next big thing in video streaming The News Journal By partnering with content providers, Cinema-Sync's peer-to-peer application could significantly reduce their reliance on expensive bandwidth by streaming video through secondary sources – basically acting as a universal Slingbox without the need for ... View the full article
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    Anyone looking to rent to see the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight? Only charging $50. 1 spot available. Email me at herculese1@gmail.com if interested. Thanks
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    Still looking to rent my last free slingbox
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    looking for a DirecTV or Dish host.
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    Does anyone have access to those teams?
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    Stuck in the UK. Looking for some device activations for whatever you got. FX, Fox, ABC, Showtime, ZZZ etc. Nothing to trade, willing to Paypal. Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks, what is the fee and how can I start the trial?
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    From what I've read, Verizon would be ideal, but any provider would do. Thanks very much in advance.
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    jvarconi is a Rip off doesn't stand behind agreements and makes up BS why and then stops communication once he has what he wants!!
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    Forum Software Upgraded from 3.4.5 --> 3.4.6
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    I see all these different spammers making worthless posts, and all of the usernames that I see spamming this portion of the forum come from Afghanistan. I think whoever this person is that's coming up with these usernames is just spamming the forum just to piss us off. This person not only needs to be banned, but he needs his internet access revoked. What a nutjob.
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    Your inbox is full - can you clear it out so I can PM you? Cheers
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    A new feedback system has been added to the Sling Hosting Forum. Within this forum, all posts display a member's feedback score. Under the username, the following are displayed: Overall percentage number of positives number of neutrals number of negatives You can add feedback to a user by clicking on their username going to their profile, then click on feedback on the bottom of the left column. You can then give them a rating, with a comment and optional link to the topic. This in time should give reliable Sling Hosts a chance to stand out and bring in more sales due to their positive feedback.
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    A new Classifieds Area has been added. Members, VIPs and Sling Hosts can now add ads for: For Sale NEW: New Slingboxes and Accessories For Sale USED: Used Slingboxes and Accessories Sling Hosting: Sling Hosts available
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    Since the 3G capable SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone was approved into the App Store on Monday, there's been a good bit of confusion regarding the version number of the new software. Users have reported that the version number as stated in the player itself is version 1.3, while iTunes has dubbed this release as version 1.2. Lacking clarification in the press release, the media has widely reported the new version as 1.2 based on what it says in iTunes, which is also a reasonable assumption considering the previous version was 1.1. To help alleviate consfusion, we've asked Sling for clarification on the verison number inconsistency. According to the response we've received, and as most here have speculated, 1.2 and 1.3 are actually the same thing. Here's an excerpt from the e-mail response. "So the situation with the version number is that in the app it says 1.3, but in iTunes it says 1.2. This is because the version number in iTunes isn’t editable, and we had previously submitted a version 1.2, so this version had to be 1.2 as well." They've also noted they could ask Apple to change the version number in iTunes to 1.3, but worry that would... View the full article
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    hi, I am looking for a slingbox showing Lakers Basketball.
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    Download Software Upgraded to 2.5.0
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    Forum Software Upgraded from 3.1.4 --> 3.2.3
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    I'm interested in a Sling exchange with someone who lives in or near Philadelphia. Right now I've got FiOS Internet and Dish Network TV with Pittsburgh locals, but I'm switching to FiOS for my TV service in a couple of weeks. I have a SlingBox Solo. My main interest is in getting Philly locals and the regional sports network. Send me a PM if you're interested in working something out.
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    BusinessWeek Big Cable Resists a Slingbox Solution BusinessWeek (The precursor company, EchoStar Communications, in 2007 paid $380 million for Sling Media.) “Many of our potential customers have perceived us as a competitor due to our affiliation with Dish Network,” EchoStar noted in its annual Securities and ... View the full article
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    Here's the thing. I've been a Slingbox owner for 4 years now, and just because you give your finder ID and password to somebody you don't know doesn't mean your whole internet will be hacked, the only thing this person would have access to is your Slingbox and your Cable or Satellite box. Besides, opening your port just allows you to watch your Slingbox wherever you go, and it absolutely has nothing to do with your network being hacked. It's still okay to share your Slingbox with other people, that's what this forum is for. But if you do suspect something suspicious from your Cable/Satellite box (like somebody ordering pay-per-view movies without your consent for example), just change your password, that's what I'd do. I hope this answers your question!
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    Splat! Blue Skin Imported
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    Download Software Upgraded to 2.3.0 Download Manager disabled due to alignment problems with 2.3 upgrade and our forum skin
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    I am wondering if it's possible to connect and stream regular cable to SlingBox Solo using RF modulator,meaning,your cable connected to modulator and your modulator buy AV cables connected to you Sling Box. I wonder if any of you tried this and what kind of success did you guys have..........Hope to hear from somebody soon:)
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    Download Software Upgraded to 2.2.1
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    Download Software Upgraded to 2.2.0 Final
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    Forum Software Upgraded from 3.1.0 beta 1 --> 3.1.0 final
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    File Name: SlingPlayer Mobile for Pocket PC - Ver. File Submitter: admin File Submitted: 17 Aug 2009 File Category: Windows Mobile SlingPlayer Mobile for Pocket PC - (TOUCH SCREEN) You can try SlingPlayer Mobile free for 30 days. Just download and install on your phone to start your free trial. Visit the Sling Media Online Store to purchase. If you already purchased SlingPlayer Mobile, just re-enter your Registration Key when prompted. Download to your Desktop Begin downloading SlingPlayer Mobile installer by clicking the link on the left. After you run the installer, the SlingPlayer Mobile will be installed on your phone the next time you connect phone to your computer. * Connect your Windows Mobile device to your PC using a USB cable and confirm that ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center is running. * Download the self-extracting installation file by accepting the End User License Agreement and clicking the download link. * When prompted, select Run to start the installer. * Follow the installation steps, making sure you do NOT disconnect your Windows Mobile device from your PC until ALL setup steps are complete. Note: During the installation, if you are prompted to "Choose a location to install SlingPlayer Mobile", we strongly recommend you select "Device" Download Direct to your Phone Using your phone's web browser, visit http://www.slingmedia.com and select the download option for your phone. The following devices have been tested and work with SlingPlayer Mobile. You may also find that other devices meet the system requirements and work just fine. If your device is not listed, we recommend you to take advantage of our free trial. While these devices are supported by SlingPlayer Mobile, we strongly recommend you connect to your Slingbox using a 3G cellular or WiFi connection that meets our minimum network download speed requirements of 120Kbps for optimal viewing experience. Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC Phones * AT&T HTC Fuze New Badge * AT&T LG Incite New Badge * AT&T Pantech Duo New Badge * AT&T Samsung Epix New Badge * AT&T Tilt * Audiovox 6600 * Audiovox 6700 * Cingular 8125 * Cingular 8525 * HP iPAQ 910 New Badge * HTC Apache * HTC Hermes 100†* HTC Mogul PPC-6800†* HTC Mogul†* HTC P3600/ Trinity 100 * HTC Touch†* HTC TyTN** * i-mate JAMin * i-mate K-JAM * Palm Treo 700w * Palm Treo 700wx * Palm Treo 750 * Palm Treo Pro New Badge * Samsung i730 * Samsung SCH-i760 * Siemens SX66 * Sony Ericsson X1 New Badge * Sprint HTC Touch Diamond New Badge * Sprint HTC Touch Pro New Badge * Sprint PPC-6700 * Sprint Samsung ACE New Badge * Sprint Treo 800w New Badge * T-Mobile MDA * T-Mobile Wing * UT Starcom 6700 * Verizon HTC Touch Pro New Badge * Verizon Samsung Omnia New Badge * Verizon Samsung Saga New Badge * Verizon XV-6700 * Verizon XV6900 New Badge Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC PDA's * Acer N50 * Dell Axim X30 * Dell Axim X5 * Dell Axim X50v * Dell Axim X51v * Pocket PC HP iPAQ h1940 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ h4155 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ 5455 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ h5550 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ h5555 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ h6315 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ h6325* * Pocket PC HP iPAQ hx2415* * Pocket PC HP IPAQ hw6515a * Pocket PC HP iPAQ hw6955 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ hx2495 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ hx2750 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ hx2795 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ hx4700 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ hx4705 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ rx1950 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ rx3115 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ rx3715 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ rx4240 * Pocket PC HP iPAQ rz1715* * Toshiba e800 * Limited frame-rate in full screen ** ROM version of 1.35 or above required; check under Settings > Device Info †A strong 3G or WiFi connection and the latest device software (ROM) are highly recommended. When you watch video with fast action or view videos in full screen mode, performance may vary on this device. Slingbox Requirements Slingbox is required to use SlingPlayer Mobile. To check your Slingbox firmware version, select your Slingbox from the directory in the SlingPlayer desktop application, and go to Edit Properties > Information Tab. * Remote viewing enabled * Latest Slingbox firmware Note: To find the latest Slingplayer desktop software, visit our downloads page. Computer System Requirements * Windows XP (SP2) Home/Pro/MCE/Win 2K (SP4) * Windows Vista Home Premium/ Ultimate * ActiveSync 4.1 or higher for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices * ActiveSync 4.5 or higher, or Windows Mobile Device Center 6.0 or 6.1 for Windows Mobile 6 devices * Latest version of SlingPlayer desktop application * For Windows PC-based installation minimum disk space required around 2 MB Device Requirements To check the operating system version you have on your Pocket PC device, go to Start > Settings > System Tab > About. Minimum version to use SlingPlayer Mobile is 4.21. * Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for Pocket PC * Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for Pocket PC Phone * Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone * Windows Mobile 6 Professional * CPU of 144 MHz (or higher) * Memory: o At least 4 MB to install SlingPlayer Mobile o At least 10 MB of available Program Memory to run it * Pre-installed Windows Media Player 9 or Windows Media Player 10 Mobile (usually available on Windows Mobile devices) * At least 16 gray levels display but 65,536 color is recommended * Audio support plus speakers or headphones. Stereo support recommended * Network download speed of 120 Kbps (or higher)* * Minimum network download speed of 120 Kbps recommended. For reference, average download speed for HSDPA or UMTS is upwards of 200Kbps, and 60-100Kbps for EDGE. Click here to download this file
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    Installing the plug-in Installing the Web-based SlingPlayer plug-in is easy! Just click Live TV from the Sling.com home page. You only need to install the Web-based SlingPlayer plug-in once, the first time you click Live TV. Your web browser does the heavy lifting for you, all you need to do is follow the directions on your screen. WINDOWS For Internet Explorer 1. When you see a yellow bar at the top of your screen, click it, and select Install ActiveX Control. 2. When asked if you want to install the software from Sling Media, click Install. For Firefox 1. When you see a yellow bar at the top of your screen, click Allow on the right end of the yellow bar. 2. When the Software Installation window opens, click Install Now. 3. After the software installs, in the Add-ons box, click Restart Firefox. Allow Firefox to restart, and you're all set. MAC OS For Safari 3 or Safari 4 1. Go to the sling.com Live TV web page ... answer appropriately in any dialog boxes that appear. 2. Click Trust in the certificate dialog box. 3. Allow the plug-in installation to complete, then connect to your Slingbox. For Firefox 1. Go to the sling.com Live TV web page ... answer appropriately in any dialog boxes that appear. 2. Click Trust in the certificate dialog box. 3. Allow the plug-in installation to complete, then connect to your Slingbox.