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  1. hi there, still have SkyHD available?
  2. hi Azza, whats a good email so we can discuss details? Dan.
  3. Hi Dusty, do you still have SKy UK HD available for rent? Please email me on dslemes@gmail.com Cheers.
  4. hi there, still have one slot available? please email dslemes@gmail.com
  5. still looking for an exchange? I might have something you like. email me at dslemes@gmail.com
  6. Scott, I have about the same upload speed as you and never had any problem with my rentals and exchanges. I had a guy from the UK and Germany, they were quite happy about the speed they were getting around 2.5- 3 mpbs stream rate which is enough for HD quality, no lags no freezing. Now, which slingbox are you using? 350 is very stable, in the other hand the Slingbox Pro-HD can do funny things sometimes. I would go with either the Slingbox 500 if you can afford or the Almighty Slingbox 350 Dan.
  7. what are you local channels?
  8. Any West coast slingbox available for exchange here? I'm looking for california local channels and whatever package you have available. Thanks. email: dslemes@gmail.com Dan.
  9. what Brazilian channels are you looking for? I have Xfinity Comcast preferred plus packate here in USA and I have Globo Internacional , PFC soccer channel and Univision HD added to my package. would you be interested? Dan.
  10. dreamer, hope you solve the issues with your ISP. you're one of the good guys in this forum! Dan
  11. sounds good to me. please email me for faster response. Thanks Dreamer. Dan.
  12. dreamer i'm interested. email me dslemes@gmail.com so I can give you the trial for my sling USA Xfinity Comcast. see if yo like it. Thanks
  13. send me an email dslemes@gmail.com I have Comcast with those channels plus many more in HD. let me know so we can swap and try out the slings.