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  1. Hi Jason - I posted to the forum a few weeks ago about exchanging Sling Boxes (see above). I thought that I would get an email notification if there was a new posting to the thread. I was wrong and didn't see your response until just now. Is your box still available? If so, send me a PM and I will open my box for you to look at and see if it meets your expectations. Hopefully we can work out a trade. Sorry again for not checking back sooner. --Doug
  2. Hi. I have a dedicated DVR box available. I have a DirecTV subscription with ZZZ, Showtime, Starz. I have the Miami local stations along with ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX from New York and LA. I have a SlingBox Pro HD. If you are still looking for someone to swap with, let me know. I'll give you the credentials to connect to mine and test it out and you can let me connect to yours and test it out as well. If we decide to swap SlingBox access, you will have exclusive use of the DVR receiver. I look forward to hearing from you. --Doug
  3. squig007 - I tried PMing you but I think that your inbox is full. I have a SlingBox Pro HD. I live near Miami Florida and have DirecTV (Satellite). I have the full HD package and receive ZZZ, Showtime, Starz and Encore. I also get the local channels along with the major network channels (CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX) from NY and LA. The Slingbox is connected to a DirecTV HD DVR (500GB) that you would have exclusive use of, should we decide to swap. Reach out to me and I will grant you temporary access so that you can see if the lineup meets your needs. --Doug