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  1. i try to pm you i get dave-usa cannot receive messages.
  2. Hi I'm interested in trading for the Canada TV..please let me know...I have Fios TV 75mbps upload speed...

  3. I have a french Canadian-based Slingbox 500 with videotron. that I am willing to provide in trade for directv US (HD),or rent for 60$/month. Sling is connected to Canadian Videotron HDTV receiver with basic package, Bandwidth is 20 / 10. This is not a dedicated unit in that I may need to access it infrequently and/or watch locally. But it is used fairly infrequently - would estimate that the receiver is not in use about 95% of the time. Willing to try a trade to see how it goes and if we are both mutually happy can continue the trade arrnagement. PM me with your email if interested. list channel. AddikTV-AMItv-APTN-Canal D - Canal Vie- CASA -CBC-CHCH-Cinépop-CITY-CTV-Disney Channel-Disney Junior-Disney XD-Évasion- Family-Family Jr.-GLOBAL-Historia-ICI TELE-ARTV-Explora-RDI-INVESTIGATION-MATV-METEOMEDIA-MOI&CI-MUSIMAX-MUSICPLUS-OMNI- PLANÈTE+-Prise 2--Séries+--Télé-Québec-Teletoon-TFO-TV5-TVA-TVA SPORT-TVO-UNIS-V TELE-VRAK TV-YESTV-YOOPA-YTV-ZTELE-ZESTE